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Come Join The Hottest Opportunity
In The Market Right Now

IPS's Massive E-Learning Center

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Watch This Quick Video First!

Two Opportunities In One...

1. Learn New Skills from our Massive Library of over 1,000 Internet Marketing Training Videos.

2. Make An Incredible Passive Residual Income By Marketing Our E-Learning Center.

100% Commission Paid Immediately And Directly To YOU!

OPPORTUNITY 1: Learn & Earn....

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1. MASSIVE Training Library

Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about "How To Make Multiple Streams Of Passive Residual Income".

Hundreds of hours of Step-by-Step How To Training Videos, eBooks,
Resource Guides &
Cheat Sheets

On Demand Training ~ Viewable on any Device

One Time Low Payment for Lifetime Access

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STOP Paying For Individual Courses On Platforms Like Udemy, Coursera, Lynda & Skillshare...

Jump onboard the hottest E-Learning Center on the market, IPS and pay a One Time Low Fee for LIFETIME ACCESS to the Biggest Internet Marketing Training Library on the Planet!

OPPORTUNITY 2: Share & Earn....

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2. Cutting Edge Reseller Program

As an IPS Member, you have the Reseller Rights to market our incredible System and earn Instant 100% Commission on your Personal Sales and you also have the Opportunity, depending on which Level you have bought the rights to, to earn Huge Override Commissions to Infinite Levels below you!

NO, this is not a Multi Level Marketing Program or Pyramid Scheme. We have created a very unique Reseller Model that produces incredible results!

Keep reading and we'll explain how it all works shortly.

You will love our Explainer Video that will teach you Step by Step How To Create an Incredible Residual Income with our Instant 100% Commission Program!

INSTANT Commissions Paid Directly To YOU

There is NO WAITING until the end of the Month for your Commissions. You will not wait 30 Days, 14 Days or 7 Days. You will not even wait 1 Single Day for your Commissions as they are Always Paid INSTANTLY and Directly into your own Personal PayPal Account, accessible only by YOU!!!

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Step-by-Step Mentoring

We take you by the hand and Guide You from being a Total Newbie
to a Seasoned Expert at
Creating MULTIPLE Steams of Passive Residual Income
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There Are Only 3 Simple Steps To Make Money Online

Our Different Specialized Membership Levels Cover Each Of These Steps In Great Detail

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How To Set Everything Up

Our Bronze Membership starts right from the Beginning. It is designed to teach a total newbie How To Set Everything Up.

At the BRONZE Level we initially focus on "How To Get Paid Online" by teaching you how to Accept Crypto Payments (Bitcoin etc) and then progress to teaching you how to Master the 2 most popular Online Payment Processors, PayPal and Stripe.

Then we don’t hold anything back… we start your IPS Business with INSANE VALUE by opening our  Incredible Training Treasury that is filled to the brim with everything you need to know about Getting Started With Internet Marketing so you can then start Creating Multiple Streams of Passive Residual Income TODAY…

By the end of completing your BRONZE Training, you will be fully armed with the knowledge of How to Start & How To Monetize your Internet Marketing Ventures.

We honestly believe that there is NOWHERE else on this planet that gives you soooo much value for a crazy low 60 bucks!!!

How To Generate Traffic (Marketing)

All of the basics have been covered at the BRONZE Level so now things start to really crank up as we take your Learning to the next Level, SILVER, with our main focus on Marketing…

When you progress to the SILVER Level, we will empower you with the essential knowledge of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram Marketing, Whats App, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Email Marketing, Solo Ads, Content Creation, Video Creation, How To Become A Top Influencer Blogger.

AND, that’s not all…

We even teach you how to raise money for your projects utilizing Crowdfunding.

Over 40 Training Modules with hundreds of videos that cover virtually every aspect of how to Market your Business.

If you thought that our BRONZE Membership was Insane Value, well, that was NOTHING compared with what you are about to receive with your SILVER Membership!

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What To Market (Business Models)

So what are the best Business Models for Making Money Online?

Membership Sites, Affiliate Sites, Ecommerce Stores, Proven Sales Funnel Formulas and our very popular Social Media Management Business that when set up, runs in the background drip feeding you Monthly Fees from happy Customers.

We'll cover this in a lot more detail shortly.

That's it... See, we told you it was Simple!

Just Complete those 3 Simple Steps and Your Dreams will Become a Reality if you take ACTION and follow our Step-by-Step Guidance.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Awesome Income Streams
That We Will Help YOU Create

1. How To Create Extremely Successful Memberships Sites

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Learn How To Earn A Great Passive Residual Income With Membership Sites

This Video Training Series will teach you Step-by-Step how to Set Up & Test a Membership Site designed to generate years of ongoing Passive Residual Income. We will start right from the beginning so even if you have never built a website in your life, you will be able to set up your very own Membership Site by the end of our Training.

We will create one right before your eyes so you can follow along with us and create your own.

We'll also teach you many Secrets that most of the Gurus don’t know or don’t want you to know.

Then… We will show you how to get the Software for FREE.

There is absolutely no need to waste your money on buying one of those Super Expensive Membership Site Software so there will be NO Upfront Fees and NO Monthly or Yearly Fees, Nadda, Zip, Zilch... FREE!!!.

2. How To Run Extremely Successful Automated Webinars

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Live Webinars are Old School

They are Stressful, Time Consuming and hard to Scale Up.

Even if you get a lot of Registrations, hardly anyone turns up as these days most people want to watch the Recording at a time that suits them.

Differing Time Zones cost your money!

What if only 1 or 2 people turn up?

What if you make a Mistake or have Tech Issues?  Everyone sees it! 

With Automated Webinars, it doesn’t matter.

Automated Webinars are the New, Efficient Way to run Webinars. 

They Enable You To Earn While You’re Elsewhere With NO LIMIT Of Attendees.

Our New Cutting Edge Software Enables You To Cash in On Webinars Without EVER Having To Run One Yourself!

This is sooo cool. Imagine having Webinars running around the clock, 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week... Presenting your Business to people all around the world, enabling you to really create an awesome Global Cashflow Business.

3. Viral Traffic With Facebook Webinar Landing Pages

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Super Secret Marketing Strategy

Imagine being able to create amazing Webinar Landing Pages right inside of Facebook?

We will teach you how quick and easy it is to set it up and start Collecting Leads & Shares within a few minutes…

This is a great strategy for you to use for your own Business or you can even create another Stream of Income by Creating Facebook Webinar Landing Pages for your Clients.

Imagine Earning $100 per Month per Client for you to set up Automated Webinars with Landing Pages in Facebook?

It doesn't take too many Clients to earn an awesome Part or Full Time Income. Full Time Income NOT Full Time Work as this requires very little maintenance after it has been set up.

4. Automated Social Media Management

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Social Media Management ~ No Brainer!

We ALL know how hot Social Media is. If you are in business, you simply can’t ignore it. But it can suck up a GREAT deal of time just looking for good content to post on a regular basis to build authority with your Customers and Potential Customers.

Imagine setting up a service for Realtors, Dentists & Chiropractors, to name a few, whereas you regularly post great content on their Facebook Pages?

Imagine spending about 2 hours per Client to set it all up on Auto-Pilot so it posts automatically without you having to touch it?

Businesses know they need to post valuable content regularly to keep engagement with their Customers and Potential Customers but they are generally too busy working IN their business instead of working ON their business.

That is where you come in as their Social Media Manager and take care of it all for them.

Again, just 2 hours to set it up on auto-pilot and easily collect $100 per month per Client.

YES, we will even teach you how to get Clients banging down your door, begging you to take care of this for them!

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Can You Now See Why There Is Such A Buzz About IPS?

They are just 4 of many, many different Unique & Extremely Profitable Opportunities that you will learn how to set up to Create Multiple Streams of Passive On & Offline Residual Income.

As Warren Buffet so infamously said, "If you don't learn how to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die."

You now have the Opportunity to Learn from the Best of the Best as we peel back the curtains to expose you to an ABUNDANCE OF INSIDER SECRETS and arm you with Cutting Edge Tools to help you Create Multiple Streams Of Passive Residual Income!


On top of our Awesome Training, we also provide YOU with:

Cutting Edge White Label Software

That You Can Rebrand & Sell As YOUR OWN


Much, Much More...

The BIGGEST Opportunity of them all
is to Resell IPS Memberships
to others who also want to earn
Passive Residual Income!
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Reseller Opportunity

Some of our Members feel that the BIGGEST Opportunity of them all is to Resell our Memberships to other like minded people who also want to earn Multiple Streams of Passive Residual Income!

Our unique 100% Upfront Commission paid DIRECTLY TO YOU is a huge incentive...

On top of that, you can also earn Incredible Override Commissions too.

YES... 100% Upfront Commission!!!

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Every once in a while the Right Idea comes
at the Right Time. 

We believe we have the Right Idea with
Instant Pay System. 

Take Action NOW so we can Setup Your
Account Today!

Let’s make 2020 a Year To Remember for all the Right Reasons!

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